7 mistakes in web design

# 1 The principles remain only in the office – the most common pitfalls and I can say based on this article. Defending them is the heart of professional existence. Do not compromise with the wishes of the potential customer why a significantly important reason – he knows his daily work, which does not mean that understands your.

# 2 Lack of specifics – minus second in this web process. From the first minute after the start presenting their ability to be specific – “we will do this and that, the other is not included, it is extra work, etc.” is up to you whether you let the other side with such an impression.

# 3 50% truth – if silent to retract “Farming” you have already lost. “Everything cutting up in his eyes” so we very clear who does what and why.

# 4 ultra-mega-fisted 3D design – for what it is. It’ll print it on a t-shirt or money you earn? Which does not mean automatically that his web project must be rotten, but must focus on core functionality and content online, not whether someone will end up on the computer of “unique design”.

# 5 “We will make the lyrics” – will make them another time. Or copy them from the Internet or use because otherwise complex technological profile-language daily in their work activity. If the site and activity predisposes use of such language – ask an opinion of them, ask for corrections of them, ask for help from them, but the lyrics you write them. They can always check them before publication, but be content in the net and the possibility these texts in one way or any other way to have a little more unique than usual.

# 6 Too many features, too many thing – do not fill sites with applications, applications and similar ones. Remember – early always look cool, but subsequent update half things can go rotten and never leave. Look for optimum allowable option, which is: less external applications more your business in the code of the site itself.

# 7 Slow, heavy, all the way WWW stuck – in recent months, if not years available observance of simple priorities from the very beginning – fast loading of web site and its content and adaptability of the project itself to different kinds of displays – phones tablets or just computer monitors.

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