Amazon (River)

Amazon  is a river in the northern part of South America, considered the largest in the world because it is the deepest and has the most extensive catchment area.
The name gives it its discoverer Francisco de Orellana, who in the summer of 1542 with his squad entered the battle with a tribe of women warriors and decided that these were the legendary Amazons. This has led to his decision to baptize the river Amazon.

Together with the flow lids, Karhuasanta form Rio Lokveta. The river gets downstream a few more names, and after its merger with three other rivers known as the Rio Apurimac. Cuzco flows along through a series canyons to depths of 3000 m., And the confluence with the Rio Mantaro called Rio Ene. After its merger with Rio Grooming named Rio Tambo, then merger with Urubamba is known as the Ucayali. Ucayali joins the Marañón near the town of Nauta, about 100 km. from Iquitos, and the river took the name Amazon.
The biggest left tributaries of the Amazon are the Rio Negro, Marañón, Napo and Japura, right – Madeira, Tapajós, Zhavari, Zhurua, Purus. Especially significant tributary Rio Negro, which flows near Manaus. Name Rio Negro (translated from Spanish Black River) comes from the fact that the river water appear black, though they are extremely clean. Water they are clear, but dark colored and a higher acidity (pH 4,3 – 4,8). Color is due to the aquatic plants in it and microorganisms inhabiting it. This is one of the deepest rivers in the world. Where the black waters of the Rio Negro flows into the bright waters of the Amazon is a real spectacle that local Indians called “The Marriage of rivers.”
Amazon flows into the Atlantic Ocean through a wide delta. The width of the mouth it is estimated at about 330 km. This makes it larger than the entire length of the River Thames in England.
The river carries the largest deposits in the world, a result of which formed the largest alluvial island on Earth Marajó an area as Switzerland.
The definition begins exactly where the mouth of the Amazon and how widely is a matter of dispute because of the particular geography of the area. Near Brevis, Steam and Amazon are connected with a series of river channels called furos. Between them lies Marajó, the largest combined river-sea island.

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