Anduin (river)

Anduin is the largest river flowing through Middle-earth, called Anduin the Great and stems of gray mountains.
Located east of the Misty Mountains and west of Mirkwood passes near Golden forest – Lothlorien enters the Ithilien – the garden of Gondor, where it was built osgiliath throne city and empties into the Great Sea in the Gulf Belfaras. In the middle reaches of the river is great waterfall Rauros and far north on both sides of the river, Gondor Kings have erected statues of Argonath. Before you go down the Rauros waters of Anduin gather in large and peaceful spill – Nen coat, which is located on the island of Tol branding.
For millennia Anduin the Great was a navigable river and it sailed their boats to sea Eldar and then to overseas Kingdom – Valinor. One notable tributaries of the Anduin is Srebropat, which together with its flow – Nimrod leads beginning of the Misty Mountains. In the corner between Srebropat and Anduin is located Lorienskiya Knight or wedge. Another such tributary is River Entomil also springing from the Misty Mountains and flowing through Fangorn forest. It flows into the Anduin through a wide delta in the eastern plains of Rohan Kingdom and forms waterlogged area. River Anduin no bridges and only ford is located far north, near the area Ravnoskal where was located the house of Beor and his sons – Guardians of the ford.

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