Autonomous cars

While only a few years ago the concept of autonomous vehicles and their applicability was considered to be bordering on fiction, today they are already moving in some of the larger cities. In the United States, California, Nevada, Hawaii, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, and Washington have already cleared the pilot tests on their streets, and in the UK, the United Kingdom is the leader in that direction, with tests being allowed in Bristol, Milton Keynes and Greenwich. In Sweden, Volvo plans to release 100 stand-alone vehicles by the end of 2017.
According to a study by IHS Markit, around 21 million global cars will be sold by 2035. This means that by the 2050s, half of US traffic will be allocated to autonomous cars.
Cars are a key factor in building our cities. However, according to a Wall Street Journal study, they are parked and out of traffic in 95% of the time. Cars bring significant revenue to various organizations (from government to private and commercial), and we spend time, resources, and personal space to maintain and store them.
Autonomous car has the potential to completely change the behavior of current drivers, making the possession of a personal car superfluous.Leaders here are companies such as Uber, who have a wide range of cars that quickly reach your door and smoothly drive you to point B. The availability of such services somewhat makes sense both the forms of public transport and the possession of your own car.
Carriage in stand-alone vehicles solves several key, life-threatening problems – drunk driving or severe tiredness. Currently, as a result of transport accidents around the world, about 3,000 people die daily and injuries are much more.
The emergence of this type of cars will hit the world economy and the labor market very heavily. It is estimated that around 3.5 million people work professionally as tire drivers only in the US and their jobs are seriously threatened.
As a result of these changes, everything will also change for insurers. Given that the car is not actually driven by a driver and has only passengers, they can not be held liable for any accidents or damage. Responsibility will fall to the companies that offer the service.
The advent of autonomous cars will lead to countless changes both in our personal lives and in the surrounding environment. Global business will change completely, and those who want to survive will have to adopt the new model in which big companies join forces.

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