Avocado / Persea americana (avocado)

A representative of the family Lauraceae / Laurel.
If in his native America, the avocado is a fruitful tree with a height of 20m, in a pot it is an attractive shrub with large leaves and far more modest dimensions. This plant is rarely available in stores, but you can easily grow yourself.

Take the stone of the fruit, clean it of all residues. Now comes the complicated – you need to drill 3-4 holes in the stone on her tour to plug in inside tips of the toothpicks that will secure the stone above the jar with water. Apical portion must be on top and flat barely touching the water. When the pot is filled with roots, planted young plant in a pot with fat garden soil with the addition of clay, so that at least half stone be left out.
Care: Water thoroughly and mist frequently during the warmer months. Fertilizing every two weeks. Penzirayte branches of the juvenile as to encourage branching him.
In winter cool move – up to 10-15 C, let the soil to dry between watering. If it’s warm, you can lose all of their leaves. Stop fertilizing to give him rest.

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