BIOS means Basic Input / Output System (basic input-output system) and a small programming code that runs when the computer starts. Recorded in chip located on the motherboard. Take care of many hardware devices like the monitor, hard drive, floppy, DVD / CD drive. Its other function is to find and launch the operating system of the computer. It contains some of the data required to configure the hardware.
BIOS-is seen can be set so that it starts operating system only after entering a password to limit access to settings, to prevent misuse and system crash. He takes care of the clock on the computer and check the hardware self-test through a special program POST, which verifies the proper operation of all devices. If you find an error, BIOS issue a particular signal depending on the computer, which helps to locate and fix the problem. Standard signals are heard from the speaker and can only briefly, just long or mixed cheep, the combination and the number determines the type of the error. BIOS-is seen generally is stored on ROM memory, but not always. The first BIOS chips are on ROM memory, which prevents overwriting. Over time entering EPROM chips with a small window on top, which is normally closed when the tape is removed, allowing dubbing target upgrade. This is done by the chip is illuminated with ultraviolet light, which deletes the record and allows a new entry with a special device called a programmer. In most modern computers BIOS-is seen now rarely seen on ROM or EPROM, making it energozavisim, for which the computer is placed battery that keeps it until it works to not be deleted. These new chips are called the BIOS and EEPROM allow electronic reading and writing through which the chip can be easily upgraded to improve his or debugging. BIOS as a whole is the most important software on one computer, because without it is impossible load any operating system, so when it controls about defects in the code is very strict.

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