Myths and legends about coffee

Professionals have not yet come up with an unanimous opinion of the origin of the word “coffee”. According to some sources, “coffee” originates from the Arabic word “kae”, meaning “power, energy”.According to others, the appearance of the strange word is related to the name of the South-West Ethiopian province of Cafe, where for the first time they began to use ...

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When we think about some of the world’s most famous watch brands, such as Rolex, Omega, Zenith, Seiko, and even Hublot, we rarely think about how these names are invented under which they are known all over the world. And in fact behind each one lies an interesting story: CASIO Loved by many people around the world for their digital ...

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Proven: Chocolate improves brain activity

Italian researchers have found that a certain dose of cocoa per day acts as a dietary supplement, struggling with various negative aspects of brain activity degradation. According to them, daily cocoa acceptance is related to improving memory and visual perception of information, Science Alert writes. So far, many other benefits have been known from the natural chemicals contained in the ...

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Top 14 of the most dangerous countries for tourists

Some countries are a better place for tourists than others. Recently, the World Economic Forum publishes its annual report analyzing the state of the tourism sector in 136 countries. Part of the document is a ranking that ranks countries on the “security” indicator. Account is taken of the possibility for visitors to become victims of serious crime or terrorism. Here ...

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June 2017 is the third hottest month in history

Last June (2017) was the third hottest in history, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, quoted by the British newspaper The Guardian. Up to now, only June 2015 and 2016 were hotter. The data also confirms the calculations that global warming has reached values not seen for at least 115,000 years, with some experts no longer believing ...

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Mike Tyson bad day

Mike Tyson is the world’s youngest heavyweight boxing champion after winning the title at 20 years, 4 months and 22 days. He has always been untouchable, and glory has gone along with him. On 20.07.91 fate solves To put him under trial. Michael Tyson is accused of raping the participant in Miss America’s desiree Desire Washington in a hotel room ...

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Disney creates a Star Wars hotel

Disney is about to make the most sincere wishes of thousands of Star Wars fans around the world. The company officially plans to open a hotel dedicated to the legendary series. An ambitious project is expected to become a reality in 2019. First such hotel will be found in Orlando, United States. The chain will then increase to reach California ...

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