ProLiant is a brand of server computers that was originally developed and marketed by Compaq. After Compaq merged with Hewlett-Packard (HP), HP retired its former ‘Netserver’ brand in favor of the ProLiant brand. The brand is currently marketed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in cooperation with CDW. HPE ProLiant systems led the x86 server market in terms of units and revenue ...

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Runway bus

The Runway bus is a front side bus developed by Hewlett-Packard for use by its PA-RISC microprocessor family. The Runway bus is a 64-bit wide, split transaction, time multiplexed address and data bus running at 120 MHz. This scheme was chosen by HP as they determined that a bus using separate address and data wires would have only delivered 20% more ...

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HP Compaq TC1100

The HP Compaq TC1100 is a tablet PC sold by Hewlett-Packard that was the follow-up to the Compaq TC1000. The TC1100 had either an Intel Celeron or an Intel Pentium M chip set and could be upgraded up to 2 gigabytes of memory. The switch from Transmeta Crusoe processors to the Pentium M and the ability to add memory was ...

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HP Technology Services

HP Technology Services is a business unit within the HP Enterprise Business division of Hewlett-Packard (HP), a large information technology (IT) vendor. HP Technology Services provides IT design, planning, implementation, integration and maintenance services and support for organizations and government agencies. The group also offers business and technology consulting services.

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Jornada (PDA)

The Jornada was a line of personal digital assistants or PDAs manufactured by Hewlett-Packard. The Jornada was a broad product line that included Palm-Size PCs, Handheld PCs, and Pocket PCs. The first model was the 820, released in 1998, and the last was the 928 model in 2002 when Compaq and HP merged. The Jornada line was then succeeded by ...

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