Computer programming language

Here are the programming languages you need to learn if you want to find a job:
Java: Originally invented in 1991 as a programming language for smart TVs, Java is still the most popular language in the world – a position reinforced by the fact that Java is critical to the development of Android applications and many business software .
C: One of the oldest programming languages, which is still used frequently, C was created in the early 1970s. In 1978, the legendary and still widely used language manual – first published in print.
Python: This language has been used since 1989 and is loved by its fans because of its highly-readable code. Many programmers think this is the easiest language to start learning to program.
PHP: This language for web site programming is common – some analysts believe it feeds a third of the web. Big sites such as WordPress, Facebook and Yahoo use it. But many programmers hate it.
Visual Basic: Microsoft Visual Basic (and its host, Visual Basic .NET) strives to make programming easier with a graphical element that allows you to modify parts of a program by dragging and dropping.
JavaScript: This is an extremely popular programming language used primarily in web applications. But it does not have much to do with Java except the name. JavaScript performs many of the modern network.
Ruby: Like Python, developers like this 24-year language because it’s easy to read and write the code. The official motif of the language is “Developer’s best friend”.
Perl: Originally developed by NASA engineer in the late 1980s, Perl is excellent in word processing, and developers like it because it’s flexible.
Delphi Object Pascal: Originally developed in Apple in 1986 and named so because it helps developers connect to the Oracle database, Delphi is again seeing an alternative to it for building smartphone applications.
MATLAB: Designed as a mathematical programming language to help students refine algebra and image processing, it is also widely used by scientists, engineers and programmers working with image processing and other artificial intelligence applications.
Pascal: Named to the famous philosopher Blaise Pascal, this language was a tool for coding the original Apple Macintosh computers. There are many Pascal systems that still exist today.

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