Here’s an idea how to transform small area home

If you are tired of the routine and the layout of the home, it has to be done about it. You can always edit the interior. You can start by cleaning small areas and terrain that only fill seats and not do anybody useful work. Some such areas are used to store basements, attics and balconies. Start with garbage, clean, flat, flat.

When you have freed the area from unnecessary lumber, furniture, damaged equipment and appliances. When everything is well organized, you can try the following ideas:


If you love drinking tea with guests or alone (such tradition exists in England) can make a small space at home, rooms for meetings with friends. Whether flavored drink at 17:00 in the morning or if you turn all this into a real refined ceremony, it means just need a little room for tea!

And why not use this idea to design the balcony in the apartment?

On the floor put the fluffy carpet of burgundy;

Use decorative trim, for example, by using a textured plaster on the walls and chaotic inscriptions in English punk style;

On one of the walls can be placed paintings and tapestries and antique clock. All depending on the overall style of the interior.

Where no table and chairs? Use furniture in classic style. The kits should not be grandiose or restrained. Let’s be bright, modern;

If you want wallpaper with the image of cities can choose those with some world landmarks. Examples are: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben; Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty

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