History of Diablo (pc game)

Diablo 2 is the sequel to the role-playing game of Blizzard Entertainment Diablo. The second part follows the adventure in search of obsessed hero who defeated Diablo in the first part and is tempted by the demonic force emanating from the stone which is locked soul of Diablo. After long mental torture and torment the hero succumbs and Diablo seized his whole body being reborn to reign terror over its sanctuary. The main goal of the player is to defeat the supreme demons – Mephisto (Lord of Hatred) Subscription Diablo (Lord of Terror). The game has four cities, and the player can try to beat supreme demons of three difficulties – Normal, Nightmare and Hell. And also their subordinates – Andariel Subscription Duriel. The game then ekspanshana which came Lord of Destruction – the characters are already 7 by adding a fifth city. In addition, this story continues in the high snowy peaks of the area inhabited by barbarian tribes, where he led a fierce battle against the demonic hordes of the third supreme demon – Baal (Lord of the Ruinous).

With objects in the game to get by killing monsters buy from merchants in the game or exchange with other players in multiplayer. The objects in the game are divided into several types as follows, weapons and armor, rings and amulets, Colby, supplements weapons and special items Talismans The Horadric Cube. Also in the game has a cash edinitsia characterized in gold, with him running a trade with merchants.

During the game you will constantly have to use flasks with red (Healing Potion) to restore vital energy, especially if you choose a character with war character. Blue flasks (Mana Potion) recover the magical energy you needed to use special skills or magic spells. The combination of blue and red flasks magic cube Horadrik create a flask that can instantly restore your health and magic power (Rejuvenation Potion). Other types of bottles that can be encountered during the game serve as interim uvelichavane of endurance to cold or ice attacks (Thawing Potion), as well as the poisonous ones (Antidote). If your character is frozen or poison in drinking flask of the hero will be instantly cured. In a long running character you can be tired and slowed down, which makes you more easily vulnerable to your opponents. Running your energy is restored itself after a while, but with the help of the elixir of endurance (Stamina Potion) can immediately continue to flee. All bottles are available after killing the monster, and when buying from merchants in cities (except combined [Rejuvenation Potion] it is not sold by retailers).
Definitions of during
throughout the course or duration of (a period of time).
the restaurant is open during the day
synonyms: throughout, through, in, in the course of, for the time of
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Translations of during
in, through, during, over, throughout, via
по време на
during, in
in, at, under, under, with, on
в продължение на
for, during, through
през време на
during, pending

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