How to advertise your site on the Internet

Every owner of a website asks: How to advertise your site and promote it on the Internet. A company owners often ask: How to advertise your business and attract more clients and customers of my business website? Yes, now it is not enough to simply have a website if it advertise unlikely to attract many users. In this article I will tell you how to advertise your site, and will focus on a little not unusual ways of internet advertising.

How to advertise in directories for articles?
Did they will get here … I will not go, I know I’ve written articles and will give you a link just to the rules of our directory. If you need advertising just read them and it will become clear operating principle

Advertising on facebook is important! Most of the website owners certainly have pages in facebook which regularly publish advertising publications. I’ll tell you a little secret that few marketers write: Traffic from facebook for some sites exceed traffic from search engines.

Furthermore facebook page other ways of advertising are:

Paid advertising by itself facebook
Buying advertising in other thematic pages
Advertising on facebook groups
I will focus only on such advertising through facebook groups, because I think that is the most interesting for those who are wondering: How to advertise your website for free in facebook? The scheme is very simple:

You thematic group.
Submit a request for accession.
Waiting for approval.
Publish promotional posts. But do not overdo it, some administrators groups are strict and when they see spam can block you.
Of course the advantage here is that you get free traffic to your site, but the downside is that you can delete posts, and usually delete those with the most traffic.

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