How to recognize fake diamonds?

Nowadays, there are numerous artificial stones that can be sold as natural diamonds.

Most often these are zirconium, synthetic rutik, spinel, topaz, etc. musanit For this and prudence in such a demanding task as the choice of diamond would not be redundant. In this article we will look at the main features by which an artificial stone differs from natural.

Above all, it should know that fake diamonds are artificial stones, which means that they are no natural formations that are normally found in gemstones natural origin. If using a magnifying glass with a 10 fold increase in man fails to see any inclusions or disadvantage, it is quite legitimate reason to cast doubt on their authenticity.

Pay attention to the cut. Diamond is usually given such a form that in all frontal illumination rays are reflected from the rear wall. For this when real diamond cut on all rules are handed the crown to the light source it all reflections of light focus in a bright point.

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