Myths and legends about coffee

Professionals have not yet come up with an unanimous opinion of the origin of the word “coffee”. According to some sources, “coffee” originates from the Arabic word “kae”, meaning “power, energy”.According to others, the appearance of the strange word is related to the name of the South-West Ethiopian province of Cafe, where for the first time they began to use the beans of this amazing tree. There is still growing wild coffee.
There are several legends about the origin of the coffee. Some of them are very interesting and exciting, others not so much, but they will all reveal new lightening facts about the beverage.
Legend of Kalem
According to one of the legends, the first who was interested in the tree with red fruit was the Ethiopian shepherd Kalim (or Kladi). Every night he harvested the goats playing a cane whistle. Once when he played the goats did not come back. Puzzled, he went looking for the flock. When he reached the spot where the bleak was heard, he was stunned by a strange picture-the goats flushed and fled back without good cause. Then he noticed that animals angered the fruits and leaves of a strange tree. Kalem decided to test the effect of the fruit on himself. Gathered from the red berries and soaked them in water. When he tried the finished potion it turned out that the taste was mildly disgusting. The shepherd was very angry and threw the twig of fruit into the fire. After a while he felt an unusual, pleasant scent. Kalium dug the ash into the fire, took out the burnt beans, and splashed them with water. Having tasted the ready-made infusion, he was very surprised – the taste was bitter but very pleasant. Not long after, the shepherd felt an unusual tide of energy that did not leave him all day.
The pastor shared what happened to the abbot of the monastery. He was interested in the interesting drink and asked him to taste it. Prior to the night service, he asked one of the monks to roast the beans in the furnace, to bold them, and then to soak them in boiling water. The abbot drank the fragrant drink and felt fresh and rested and could not sleep until the next day. He was so impressed by the action of the drink that he had all the monks drink of it so they would not fall asleep before the night service.
Legend of Sheikh Omar
There is another not less interesting Ethiopian legend, according to which the first discovered the property of the coffee was Sheikh Omar. He was one of the most famous physicians of the time. He managed to cure illnesses that other doctors declared incurable.
The legend says that once Sheikh Omar walked, his attention drew a small tree of fragrant colors. The healer decided to study the properties of this plant. He picked up a decoction of the tree’s seeds and took it for days. Not long after, he noticed that his working capacity had risen and his mood improved. Sheikh Omar decided to add from the infusion and some of his healing potions that he used against headaches and indigestion and noticed that their effectiveness visibly increased.
According to another version of the same legend, Sheik Omar saw a bird with a beautiful plumage that perched on a small tree and began beautifully singing. When he approached the tree, the bird was gone. In her place he saw beautiful aromatic flowers and red berries that he collected and carried home. He poured the fruit into a boiler he put in the fire. As he found water to pour the roasted fruit, he felt a pleasant aroma of the beans. For a long time, Sheik Omar no one spoke of the secret ingredient in his medication, and just before he died he shared it with his son.
Legend of Moka Coffee
This legend is also related to Sheikh Omar, about which we told you earlier.
The Arabic Sheikh Omar, along with his servants, was ousted in the wilderness. In those times, instead of killing publicly convicted to death, they sent them to the desert. From there, no one had come back – people died of hunger and thirst. Desoiled by his heavy fortune, Sheik Omar gathered the leaves and fruits of an unknown plant and boiled a potion of them. This decoction helped him and his people survive in the wilderness. Residents of the neighboring town of Moka accepted their survival as a religious sign. In honor of the city, the drink was named Moka.
Legend of the Big Fire
This legend is one of the simplest, but one of the most plausible. There have been fires in the Ethiopian forests around the town of Kaffa. During the time of one of the great fires, there was a place where wild coffee trees grew. The fruit and leaves were dried out by strong fire. The wonderful scent of roast coffee reached the nearby village, and people wanted to know what smelled so pleasant. They entered the woods and saw the choppy trees. So the coffee came. Despite the many books written about coffee today, it is not clear who and when he discovered the coffee. Still, in legends, truth and fiction intertwine in a truly fabulous way.
Myths about the benefits of coffee that support coffee makers.
Coffee is very tasty – On the contrary. My taste is very unpleasant and bitter. Young children, whose taste preferences are instinctive rather than public opinion, can not tolerate the taste of coffee.
Coffee is useful for blood vessels – In a normal dose of coffee, the vitamin P content that strengthens the blood vessels is not enough to affect them.
Coffee is a wonderful antidepressant – People have long been trying to treat depression with a different chemistry. The reason for depression is the incorrect perception of reality because of wrong thoughts. People think drugs will rid them of depression, which we believe is not true. The content of serotonin in coffee is so small that the perception of coffee as a drink with antidepressant action is completely wrong.
Coffee is useful for people with low blood pressure – Caffeine really raises blood pressure. After one cup of coffee, caffeine lasts about three hours. But this property of coffee also has many disadvantages. The biggest one is that it is not possible to determine the exact dose to stabilize the blood. Even if you prepare the coffee in the same way and from the same grains, the content of caffeine will never be the same. Even a slight increase in the dose may cause changes in the pulse, blood pressure, irritability, and even insomnia.
Myths about the damage to coffee kept by other beverage producers.
Coffee always damages people with problems with the cardiovascular system – This is not entirely true. Coffee has an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system only if it drinks more than is allowed. If you drink more than two cups of coffee one after another or more than five or six cups a day, it can really get you sick. Every product acts unfavorably if you misuse it. Coffee is contraindicated only for people with high blood pressure.
Coffee breaks skin color in women and reduces the potency of men – There are no substances in the coffee that could cause us all. But cigarettes and nicotine can. Since coffee enhances the action of nicotine on the body, it is better not to drink coffee while smoking.
Coffee has a powerful diuretic effect – It is not powerful, but very weak. After a cup of strong coffee, you will not immediately run into the toilet, but after a large glass of even light coffee it is quite possible. Here the effect depends not so much on the quality of the coffee, but on its quantity.

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