Proven: Chocolate improves brain activity

Italian researchers have found that a certain dose of cocoa per day acts as a dietary supplement, struggling with various negative aspects of brain activity degradation.
According to them, daily cocoa acceptance is related to improving memory and visual perception of information, Science Alert writes.
So far, many other benefits have been known from the natural chemicals contained in the cocoa. For example, polyphenol in black chocolate is believed to soothe and increase the sense of satisfaction, and flavanol may reverse the process of memory deterioration as time progresses.
However, scientists warn that this information should not serve as an excuse for unrestricted chocolate consumption, as cocoa contains some toxic chemicals like theobromine. Although there is a risk of poisoning with him, one has to eat 85 chocolate to make it work.
In the current study, based on other earlier studies of cocoa in the form of beverages or chocolate for a period of five days to three months, scientists were mainly focused on the effect of flavanol on the brain. They found that after prolonged consumption of cocoa, work memory and visual information were improved, with effects depending on the age of the volunteers.
In older people, long-term intake of cocoa flavanol improves attention, information processing, working memory and speech. The best chocolate effect is in people with moderate impairment of mental activity and at the beginning of a memory loss process.
In healthy people, no memory problems, chocolate also contributes to the normal functioning of brain activity.
Cocoa is very useful for a certain group of people – women with sleeping problems or working in shifts. In ladies who have been unable to sleep all night, chocolate helps relieve cognitive problems associated with lack of sleep.

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