Renewable sources in the US have generated more power than nuclear power

After years of total domination, this year’s nuclear power generation in the United States was backed up by the green-generated resource, Inhabitat reports. For the first time since 1984. Here.
United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), reveals that renewable energy has exceeded nuclear in March and April this year. The main merit of this is wind, solar, and hydroelectric power, the first two records a record for the current generation, while the hydroelectric power has shown significant growth after falling heavy rainfall in the western part of the country.
The EIA explains that the cause of the record is trivial. Very often, Nuclear Power Managers take prophylaxis at a time when there is less demand, as is usually recorded in spring and autumn. At the same time, renewable energy in the country is generating more and more electricity in the US.
Only in March, hydroelectric installations generated 30 billion kilowatt-hours, a record for the past six years. Role here also plays the end of drought in California. Air and solar capacities also record record increases for the period March 2016 – March 2017: the first with 16%, while the solar ones with 65%.

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