Rohan is a human Kingdom of Middle-earth of the English writer JK. JRR Tolkien. Its inhabitants are called Rohirrim, Eorlingi, horsemen Northmen, People of the sunset and the family is very old – inhabit Middle-earth since ancient times. Distant relatives are the people of Númenor – after the first period their ancestors preferred to stay in the territories occupied by them.
During the second period inhabited the lands of Rhovanion to the south and east of the Greenwood Great called afterward Mirkwood and picking northeastern borders of Gondor. During the raid on a cart, suffered a severe blow Nordics and forced them to flee to the north – beyond the shores of the river running. There they mixed with people of Dale, while others, led by their leader – Marhvini, continued north, surrounded Mirkwood west and settled in the upper reaches of Anduin.

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