What can serve the old door?

You have undergone repair of their homes, which have changed their doors with newer, but Coincidentally not want to part with the old, but simply to create something new. If you are in this hard but very creative situation, we are able to offer you a few ideas that you can take advantage.

For this task, it is not necessary Your doors are made of a special material. The main objective is to decide what new you can turn.

At this stage, many people are looking for ways to give a little old and “vintage” style interior. But it is not always necessary to water the same style and craftsmanship to make something elegant and beautiful. Most often the most unsuspected things, receive the greatest.

Now we present a few of our suggestions to nurture already amidst your idea.

Door as photo frame

With this proposal, you might put photos, notes or pictures in one place.

Shelf / Stand

This concept is suitable for any room where you want to bring space and ideology. You can attach shelves both rear and from the front.
At the same time with this idea, you could find a solution so goods, but empty and unusable angle.

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